I am currently an associate professor in Université Toulouse Jean Jaures, attached to the Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse.
Before, I was a PostDoc in the Algebra group led by Cordian Riener in the department of Mathematics and Statistics in Tromsø.
I defended my PhD in December 2017, I was in the number theory team of the Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux and the "graph and optimization" team of the LaBRI, under the supervision of Christine Bachoc and Arnaud Pêcher.
In 2018, I was a PostDoc at ICERM, Brown University for the semester program Point Configurations in Geometry, Physics and Computer Science.


My research concerns both theoretical and computational questions in several topics, ranging from number theory to polynomial optimization, going through discrete geometry, coding theory and real algebraic geometry. I am particularly excited by questions involving lattices and sphere packings.

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Since 2021, I am teaching Méthodologie Mathématique, Cryptographie et Codes correcteurs d'erreurs, and Calcul formel in the MIASHS program at UT2J. If ever you are a student looking for the course documents, as you know, they are all on IRIS...